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For many people, finding a good divorce lawyer is one of the first steps to take when they decide to split up with their partner. But how do you know which attorney is the right fit? Here’s one piece of advice: Look for an aggressive divorce attorney who is willing to fight for you. Keep reading to find out why. 

The Stakes Are High 

During a divorce, many people must go up against their partners to fight for years’ worth of assets. When children are involved, it can be an even more emotional and trying experience. Most people want to remain cordial, but they also want to make sure their ex-partner doesn’t take advantage of them in any formal proceedings. After all, an unfair settlement could potentially leave them to struggle financially for years to come or cause them to miss out on valuable time with their children. These extreme types of cases can even force people to return to court to fight yet again, which is the last thing anyone wants. An aggressive attorney can help ensure a fair settlement through a steadfast refusal to back down. 

Time is of the Essence 

An aggressive attorney will not waste time: He or she will be firm, straightforward and dedicated to relentlessly pursuing a settlement. Sometimes court cases can drag on for ages as both sides argue over what they deserve, from financial support to holidays with the children. However, an aggressive attorney can actually help speed up the process. Because of your attorney’s willingness to proactively pursue what is fair, you can end up saving a great deal of time in arbitration. 

Aggressive Means Firm and Dedicated 

Don’t confuse an aggressive attorney with the old-fashioned concept of a lawyer “out for blood.” That’s simply not accurate. The right lawyer is firm yet fair, and that lawyer will display professionalism and fairness throughout your case. An aggressive and dedicated attorney who will look out for you and your interests is exactly what you need. During this particularly difficult and overwhelming time, an experienced lawyer can help you navigate the entire process, which probably feels quite foreign. Your attorney will also help you formulate a smart strategy to ensure every step you take during proceedings is the right move. 

If you’re in the process of seeking a divorce and are looking for an aggressive divorce lawyer in San Antonio, TX, look no further than the office of Benke Law. Attorneys at Benke Law are not only willing to fight for you, but they can assist in all matters of family law, including marriage and wills. If finding a good divorce lawyer seems like a challenge, know that their team includes family mediators and bilingual staff members who are willing to figure out the quickest way to a separation that feels fair for both parties.

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