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Even the most amicable divorce can get complicated quickly, especially when you consider the emotional strain it can cause on everyone involved. It’s crucial to keep a clear head and to find a family law practice you can trust to help you navigate your way through. 

When you attend a divorce consultation with your attorney, bring a list of topics to discuss so you don’t forget anything. Take notes, and be sure to speak up if any questions come to mind during the meeting. Consider the following four points as you prepare for the meeting. 

Divorce Proceedings 

First, you need a thorough understanding of just how divorce works in your state. After you explain the details of your situation, your attorney should be able to provide insight about what to expect during the process. Ask questions about how long each step usually takes, what procedures you need to follow for filing and other procedural steps. 

Dividing Assets 

One of the first matters you’ll have to contend with is splitting up your property and other assets. Each state has its own guidelines regarding marital assets, but these otherwise straightforward formulas can get sticky when you have more than just a home and a couple of cars. You’ll need to discuss everything from any properties and vehicles you own to stocks and bonds either of you have. 

Alimony Issues 

States generally have rules for the amount of alimony that can be awarded to a spouse and even whether a spouse is eligible to receive it. This usually depends on the length of the marriage, the roles of each party within the marriage and household and each spouse’s income. Even if you don’t plan to seek alimony or don’t think your spouse will seek it from you, it’s a good idea to understand how alimony works in your state and could work in your particular situation. 

Child Custody 

This is potentially the most-contentious issue in any divorce, so you’ll want the best child custody attorney on your side, if necessary. If you share children with your spouse and cannot come to an agreement about custody and visitation yourselves, a good family lawyer can talk to you about your options and help you decide what steps to take. Topics to cover when discussing custody with your lawyer include who normally takes care of the children, the relationships they have with extended family, which parent will live closer to the school, and who provides health insurance to the children. Even factors such as religious upbringing can be relevant, so thoroughly explore these topics with your attorney. 

Of course, each divorce is as different as the people involved in it. Your checklist might be different depending on the specifics of your situation. When you book your divorce attorney consultation in San Antonio, TX, choose a family practice that has the experience and compassion to help you find the best outcome from a tough situation. The attorneys at Benke Law are happy to help guide you through these steps.

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