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Determining child custody arrangements is often the most difficult part of a divorce. It’s important for parents to consider the best interest of the children above their own desires and apart from their feelings toward their ex-spouse. While some parents may see joint custody as a “loss” compared with being awarded sole custody, sharing custody of children with an ex can yield major benefits. 

  1. Shared Responsibility 

The burden on both parents decreases when the physical, emotional, financial, and other responsibilities of caring for a child are split between them. Children benefit when parents are less stressed. Talk to your divorce lawyer about the different options for sharing the load when it comes to joint custody. Depending on your role in the family, your income and other factors, your attorney might recommend a certain course of action regarding physical and legal custody arrangements. 

  1. A Teaching Opportunity 

Children learn so much by watching how the adults in their lives behave. If you show your kids that you and your ex-spouse can work together in a co-parenting situation, you will be helping to bolster their own ability to cope with difficult situations. If they see that people can handle themselves diplomatically even when they disagree, they will be able to better emulate such behavior in their own lives. 

  1. Growing Up with Both Parents 

Unless abuse occurs with one parent, it’s almost always better for a child to grow up with the influence of both parents. Divorced parents should strive to ensure any feelings of animosity toward the other parent do not get in the way of what’s best for the kids involved. 

  1. A Bigger Village 

It’s good for children to have a large network of people who care about them and look out for their best interests. Ideally, children should be able to nurture relationships with their extended family. Participating in cultural or family traditions from both sides of their family tree can have a positive impact on a child’s life. 

  1. Time to Yourself 

While you may not want time away from your children, you can use your spouse’s time with them to take a break and do activities or chores you wouldn’t be able to do if your kids were with you. If your divorce was emotionally difficult, it can be beneficial to use this time for counseling or other activities that help you to heal and move forward so you can be the best parent possible to your kids when they’re back with you. 

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