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Whether through death or divorce, even the strongest of marriages can come to a sudden end. No matter the state of your marital relationship, it makes sense to discuss pre-divorce planning, even if your marriage ends up being til’ death do you part. The benefits of planning are immeasurable and can further help individuals prepare and keep conversations amicable should a divorce be the best option somewhere in the future. Laying out your estate and going through the details of pre-divorce planning can also help you find the best divorce lawyer for your needs, should that day come. Here are three of the main priorities: 

  1. You Can Keep Your Finances Organized and Up-to-Date 

One of the biggest priorities in creating a pre-divorce plan is to make sure that your finances are in order. Ensure that both partners will be able to maintain individual households, and make sure insurance, retirement accounts and assets will be divvied up according to how they work. If you find yourself in a single-earning household and are responsible for dependents, you will be glad you pre-planned. Otherwise, figuring out the financial picture on top of custody agreements can become an emotional and trying process. 

  1. Pre-Planning Frees You to Focus on Other Priorities 

Perhaps one of the most universal truths about divorce is how exhausting and emotional it can be. Seeing a trusted partner across the table and involving lawyers can make any situation tense. Any planning that you complete beforehand with your attorney means one fewer thing to think about during arbitration or court proceedings. If you are worried about the possibility of discussing the divorce with children, it makes sense to give them more time to prepare by planning ahead, no matter what happens.

  1. Keep Relations Cordial with your Spouse

Divorce will never be enjoyable. However, making a plan before the situation gets tough can ensure that both parties continue to act appropriately and keep the proceedings fair and amicable. Recognizing each other as human beings is the difference between an amicable divorce and an ugly, drawn-out one that creates ongoing animosity between former spouses.

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