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When you're looking for an experienced Family Law attorney in San Antonio, The Law Office of Steven C Benke has the experience and knowledge to provide our clients with advice and services on a wide array of legal issues including divorce, family law, criminal law, or probate law. Our firm will discuss the issues that have caused you to seek legal advice, and we can prepare you both financially and emotionally for any leagl issue involving family law. We treat each case uniquely and customize your divorce, separation and family law matters according to your needs.

Our complete line of services include:


San Antonio Divorce Appeal Attorney: After a divorce becomes final, either spouse still has the right to challenge certain decisions made by the court, or to change certain rights and obligations set out in the final divorce judgment.

If you feel the original judge made a legal error during your divorce action, or you need to make changes to the final divorce judgment, call the Law Office of Steven C Benke for a free consultation. (210) 308-0004


Father's Rights

Father's Rights Attorney San Antonio: The law has been evolving to provide equal right for both mother and father in regards to child custody, visitation and support. Under Texas law, mothers and fathers have absolutely equal rights until a court concludes otherwise. At The Law Office of Steven C Benke, we stand behind fathers that are interested in seeking residential custody or wanting to be a constant influence in their children's lives. We also handle support matters that may involve a mother paying support to the father that has residential custody of the children.

If you're concerned about protecting your rights as a father, contact an attorney at The Law Office of Steven C Benke by calling (210) 308-0004. We can help you understand your rights. Call now for a free and confidential consultation.





San Antonio Annulment Lawyer: The Law Office of Steven C Benke can represent you when you're seeking an annulment of your marriage. In the State of Texas, annulments are divided into two groups - Void Marriages and Voidable Marriages. Void marriages are marriages that never could have been and voidable marriages are marriages that never should have been.

For a free and confidential consultation on obtaining an annulment of your marriage, call The Law Office of Steven C Benke at (210) 308-0004 or contact us online.





Modifications Attorney San Antonio. Modifying a child custody order or visitation rights order is not easy. The courts put a lot of effort into deciding them originally and presumes that the order already protects the child's interests. A non-custodial parent needs the expertise of an experienced Family Law Attorney to help persuade the court that the order is incorrect.

If you wish to modify a custody or visitation rights order, contact the law firm of Steven C Benke for a free and confidential consultation or call (210) 308-0004.




Visitation Rights

San Antonio Visitation Rights Attorney. When parents split up, the family courts typically approve child custody, decide upon support payments, and outline the visitation schedule. The visitation schedule details the conditions under which the non-custodial parent spends time with his or her children. When and where they can spend time together and how long each visit should last.

Unfortunately, when parents get into disagreements over child custody or child support, it's common for the custodial parent to withhold visitation. This of course if not legal and is providing a healthy environment for the child.

If you ex is trying to withhold visitation rights, an experienced San Antonio visitation rights lawyer can attempt to negotiate with the other parent or the parent's attorney. If the custodial parent refuses to honor the visitation schedule, then your attorney can request a court hearing to resolve the issue.

To discuss your visitation rights with an attorney at The Law Office of Steven C Benke, call (210) 308-0004 or contact us online for a free and confidential consultation.





San Antonio Paternity Lawyer. Paternity refers to the male percentage of a child. When a child custody or child support battle ensues, paternity often comes into play. The family courts can require a paternity test be administered before a child support case or a child custody case can proceed. Once paternity is established, a parent may proceed with any child custody or child support issues.

If you are a mother or father and would like to establish paternity of a child, call The Law Office of Steven C Benke at ( 210) 308-0004 or contact us online for a free and confidential consultation.




Child Abuse

Child Abuse Lawyer in San Antonio. In any custody arrangement, the best interest of the child is always the primary goal. Joint legal custody is always encouraged unless there is a compelling reason to limit the child's contact with one of the parents. In some cases, abuse can create grounds for one of the parents seeking sole custody of the children.

Cases involving abuse are never easy on a child. Whether the abuse actually took place or not, the child is placed in the middle of an ugly legal battle that can have an impact on the their well being for the rest of their life. With every case we accept, our primary goal is to protect your child.

If there is evidence of abuse, we will fight aggressively to limit the abuser's contact and ensure that any visitation is court supervised. If you have been falsely accused of child abuse, we will do everything in our power to uncover the truth and work to preserve your parental rights and your good name.

For a confidential consultation on any aspect of a child abuse case including improper supervision, parental abuse and abuse by a third party, please contact The Law Office of Steven C Benke at (210) 308-0004 or contact us online.




At The Law Office of Steven C Benke, there's nothing we like more than to provide compassionate guidance in the successful completion of an adoption. Whether you're involved in an agency adoption, independent adoption, step-parent adoption, or grandparent adoption, our experienced lawyers can help.

Whether you are seeking an infant adoption through an agency, intend to adopt a child from an extended family member, you're interested in adopting a stepchild after remarriage, or your wanting to place a child up for adoption we can help. We will answer all of your questions clearly, honestly and with a purpose to make sure you understand the complexity of the legal process. We explain the steps involved and identify the potential obstacles before they become problems. We also represent both birth parents who have made the difficult choice to voluntarily place their children up for adoption. We will fully advice the birth parent as to their rights and responsibilities under the law and make the process as comfortable and easy as possible.

The Law Office of Steven C Benke helps families in San Antonio and Central Texas to successfully complete agency adoptions, private adoptions, step-parent adoptions and placing a child up for adoption. For answers to your adoption questions and a free consultation, call us at (210) 308-0004 or contact us online.



 Our Other Services

The Law Office of Steven C Benke has a group of knowledgeable and experienced attorneys to provide you with legal solutions for any of these issues:

  • Enforcements
  • Property Division
  • Protective Orders
  • Grandparents Rights
  • Child Support Collections
  • Alimony Collections
  • Spousal Abuse

For a free and confidential consultation on any of these legal issues, please give the Law Office of Steven C Benke a call today at (210) 308-0004 or contact us online.